Non-Physical Crisis Intervention (NPCI)

June 14, 2014 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Aikido Canada
1089 Tecumseh Road East
Windsor, ON N8W 1B3
$140.00 (Plus HST) [Register before June 5 and and Save $15.00]
Kevin Blok
519.253.6667 or 519.978.1263

The Non-Physical Crisis Intervention course is suitable for just about anyone who may deal with another person in crisis. This course gives you skills to view intent, anticipate actions, and apply some control in crisis and conflict situations so the need for physical contact can be avoided. It is an intensive course of non-violent conflict control including an assessment of present capabilities and skills, anatomy of personal conflict, the mental process, components of effective communication, non-violent communication, interpreting body language and reading threat cues, metamessages, paraverbal communication, controlling verbal exchanges, the do’s and don’ts of effective verbal intervention and more. Concepts covered include building support and empathy, self control and centering, peaceful resolutions to conflict (deflect, diffuse, and neutralize an attack), dealing with fear and anger, remaining detached, team approaches, keeping safe and out of court, tactical positioning, patterns of movement and self protection strategies. Included is a 40 page booklet and diploma upon successful completion of this college level course.

The On Guard system of training courses were originally designed and developed by Kevin Blok, a psychology professor, Aikido master instructor, police defensive tactics teacher and security consultant.

These courses are focused on establishing or re-establishing harmony and peace by controlling a situation without adding violence, while keeping all parties safe.

Space is limited so register early. For registration or further info, please contact us via the info below.

Course Fee & Early Registration (June 5, 2014): $125.00(plus HST) After: $140.00(plus HST)

Previous course graduates and CAFI Members : $100.00 (plus HST)

Cash or Cheques payable to: ‘Kevin Blok’ or ‘Harmony Enterprises Inc.

Chief Instructor Kevin Blok 

Director/Chief Instructor for On Guard – Control & Defensive Tactics Training Programs: On Guard Programs are certified and approved by the RCMP; US National Law Enforcement Training Centre (NLETC); Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES); Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST), colleges, universities, many hospitals and other agencies

  • Chief Instructor for the RCMP and the Canadian Police College, Ottawa, Ontario for Violent Behaviour Management and Officer Safety

  • Professor at St. Clair College, Windsor, Ontario – Psychology and Defensive Tactics – Law Enforcement

  • Past Director – Security Division – Casino Management Training for C.E.S. Inc, Windsor, & Niagara Falls, Ontario

  • 8th Dan Aikido, 4th Dan Iaido, 1st Dan Karate

  • Author of 6 books and numerous videos on defensive tactics and the art of Aikido

  • Certified by the National Law Enforcement Training Center as an International Trainer and Instructor in Control/Defense Tactics, Handgun/Long Gun Retention and Disarming, Lateral Vascular Neck Restraint, Ground Defensive Tactics, Edged Weapon Defense, A.C.E.S. (Passive Resister Control), Rigid and Expandable Baton (Monadnock), and Travel Defense

  • Certified as an Expert Witness in use of force, defense and control tactics and violent behaviour management (Canada and USA)

  • Master Instructor in Non-Physical Crisis Intervention & Motivation, Information Retention and Instructional Technique