8 hr. Edged Weapon Defense Seminar

November 14, 2015 @ 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Aikido Canada
1089 Tecumseh Rd E
Windsor, ON N8W 1B3
$199.00 CAD
James Zedd

Have you ever heard the term “never bring a knife to a gun fight”?

At close quarters, a knife can be much more useful and just as deadly.

Why? Because an edged weapon attack can happen much faster than drawing and using a firearm at close distance. An attacker also does not have to worry about an edged weapon ever malfunctioning or running out of ammunition.

In fact, numerous studies have shown that police officers need a minimum distance of 21 feet to successfully fire two rounds into an assailant with an edged weapon without getting harmed.

At close distance, hand-to-hand combat tactics are the best strategy to deal with an attacker who has an edged weapon. The strategies taught at our 8 hour Edged Weapon Defense Seminar will teach you how to properly respond to a threat with minimal risk for you.

Topics that will be covered at this seminar include:

  • The 8 Lines of Attack
  • Blocks for Edged Weapon Attacks
  • Takedowns for Edged Weapon Attackers
  • Surviving the “Grab and Stab”
  • and more

This course is limited to the first 12 registrants to allow for quality instruction during the seminar. Participants will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, and any others who wish to attend will be placed on a waiting list.

If you work in any industry that involves the potential for a physical encounter with another individual, this course is for you.

The first four registrants for this course will also receive a  $50.00 discount on their purchase. Please note that once these 4 registrations are purchased, there will be no refund should you decide to cancel your registration at a later time, although you will be given credit for future courses.

Register today as participation is limited.