When an Officer Shoots another Officer

Hand Gun Training

Recently I read an article on officer.com about Blue on Blue Shootings.

How does the police officer, when faced with the situation of a pedestrian in possession of a gun, know when to use lethal force?

The knee-jerk reaction of most would be to draw your sidearm, point and fire.

But that’s not always the best decision.

Read this article about how you can use discernment when dealing with this kind of situation.


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Disguised, Concealed and Unusual Weapons

hiddenringThere are many items available to the public nowadays that are disguised weapons or conceal dangerous tools and devices. Here is a ring that fits that bill.

If you are interested in these types of items, please check out the websites listed below. Victory and success favour awareness and preparedness. Stay safe.


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Train Often and Stay Safe!


It is very easy for those of us who have had to stop training for a while for one reason or another, to see ourselves as if we were at our peak performance. We visualize ourselves as undefeatable. We have the expectations that we can defend ourselves against almost anything at anytime.

What we must realize is that our reality has more to do with our level of training  than our mental expectations. While it is good to employ creative visualization, we also need to keep up-to-date and maintain our physical skills. A life or death situation is not the time to discover that your control & defensive tactics skills are not at the level of your expectations. Consistant and continual training is key to having a calm mind amongst chaos.

Train Often & Stay Safe!

M. Dubé

On Guard Ground Defensive Tactics Course, April 28th

The use of Ground Defense for the security professional, martial artist, or civilian


Approximately 65% of all altercations end up on the ground and as an armed or unarmed officer this is a dangerous place to be. It is important to remain calm and in control in these situations in order to subdue violent or aggressive individuals.

This course will teach you appropriate use of force, basic patterns of movement on the ground, blocks, traps, locks, escapes, takedowns, falling to the ground safely, and most important how to create distance, call for back-up, keep them at bay and escalate the force appropriately.

This is a 4 hour certificate course

 A Minimum of 6 pre-paid Attendees is required for this course to run.   Space is limited so register early.

Course Fees:

$80 for C.A.F.I. Members

$95 for Non-members

 Location: Aikido Canada, 1089 Tecumseh rd. E. Windsor, Ontario

Date: Sunday April 28 / 2013, subject to confirmation

Time: Noon to 4:00pm

To register, or for further information, please contact:

Michael Dubé
E-mail:  modernsamurai.aiki@gmail.com
Phone: (226) 788-3532

 DubeWith more than 10 years experience in the security field, Michael Dubé is a certified Control and Defensive Tactics (C.D.T.) Instructor Trainer with On Guard International, holds blackbelts in Aikido and Iaido, is trained and experienced with a   K-9 partner, and has taught C.D.T. courses at the local, national and international level for police, private security, large and small companies, hospitals college programs and more.