About Us


ON GUARD is a simple but highly effective system of techniques and strategies for violence intervention and prevention. It has been designed to defend oneself easily as well as control others without injury to them. These “benevolent” techniques use no punching or kicking nor do they require great physical strength.


Defense and control is achieved by employing pressure points, joint immobilization, takedowns, come-a-long holds and pins with a minimum of force.

Created in part from the tactics originally designed for the elite Japanese riot police and Imperial Guard, the program has expanded internationally, being adapted to culture, custom, current needs and legal guidelines.

All techniques are structured to be easily learned yet effective under real life circumstances. The focus is on using only the amount of force necessary to control the situation.

ON GUARD: Meeting MEDICAL, LEGAL and TACTICAL acceptability

Each On Guard technique, control, pin and movement has been meticulously reviewed and evaluated by both Canadian and U.S. board registered medical doctors. Every On Guard technique has been medically approved as meeting an optimum standard of primarily control and/or immobilization; rather than damage or injury of a subject on whom the techniques might be applied.

Each On Guard technique and movement has been reviewed, evaluated and approved as legal by both Canadian and U.S. attorneys, when used appropriately on a subject as instructed. On Guard techniques meet legal acceptability standards in most all countries of the world. References available upon request.

Each On Guard technique has been field tested in actual real life situations. Our techniques have been found by numerous police officers, security personnel and others who are graduates of our courses, to be effective and work successfully on a wide range of subjects. On Guard techniques meet the latest and highest standards of tactical acceptability.

The ON GUARD system could be useful for just about anyone but its particular design is especially adapted for law enforcement and security personnel where control and detainment are more important than the defeat of the opponent. It has been successfully used by officers of the R.C.M.P. and other police forces, U.S. military, hospital security and private investigators.  On Guard techniques are designed for benevolent control of subjects and are very unlikely to produce any long term trauma or impairment when used appropriately as instructed.

ON GUARD programs are certified and approved by:

  • Royal Canadian Mounted Police (R.C.M.P.)
  • Canadian Police College, Ottawa, Ontario
  • National Law Enforcement Training Center, Kansas City, Missouri
  • Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards
  • Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training
  • St. Clair College, Windsor, Ontario