About Us

ON GUARD is a simple but highly effective system of techniques and strategies for violence intervention and prevention. It has been designed to defend oneself easily as well as control others without injury to them. These “benevolent” techniques use no punching or kicking nor do they require great physical strength.

Our Programs

These courses are useful to all, but their design is especially adapted to situations where control and detainment of individuals is important. They are exceptionally suited to violent patient management, having been used in detention centres, youth apprehension, home and group care and other settings.

Our Clients

As our training programs can be used by a wide range of purposes, our clients include representatives from all walks of life and business throughout North America, including members of: law enforcement, the military, hospitals, social services, educational institutions and public facilities.

Chief Instructor Kevin Blok

Professor Kevin Blok, BA, MSc. (Founder, Director, Chief Instructor)

Kevin BlokOn Guard Director and Chief Instructor Kevin Blok is certified by the National Law Enforcement Training Center, USA, as an International Trainer and Instructor in: control/defense tactics, handgun and long gun retention and disarming, Lateral Vascular Neck Restraint (L.V.N.R.), handcuffing, ground defensive tactics, edged weapon defense, A.C.E.S. (Arm Control Escort System/Passive Resister Control), rigid and expandable baton (Monadnock), and travel defense.